Private Music Studio


Studying music facilitates learning other subjects, develops creative, independent thinking as well as the ability to interact harmoniously in an ensemble, both socially and musically.


Young musicians learn constantly to listen and adjust, to set goals and be self-disciplined.

About me as a Teacher:


I am very passionate about teaching! I love working with students and showing them that the oboe is not as hard as they thought it was. Playing the oboe can be boiled down to four main componants: air, embouchure, fingers and tongue. 


Growing up I was very fortunate to have wonderful and inspirational public school music teachers who encouraged me to study privately.


Over the years, I have spent countless hours in the practice room, trying to figure things out. Music is a puzzel, it is a game of learning! I teach my students to teach themselves, by identifying problems they encounter in the learning of music and how to fix them. Over time, the student aquires a nice "tool box" of techniques he or she can apply when learning any piece of music.