Philosophy of Music Education

Music has been a part of human civilization since the beginning of time, it is a language that transcends all barriers and joins us all together as a community. In order to have well-rounded students we need to expose them to as much culture as possible, this includes music as well as all the arts. No matter what career path they end up taking, a love and appreciation of music is something they will always take with them. From physical to spiritual, music is something that benefits us in many aspects of our lives because it plays an integral role in our personal development allowing us to express our needs and desires through song.


Some students enjoy the physical challenge of learning to play an instrument. Some students enjoy how music makes them feel emotionally. Some students enjoy the fulfillment of working together to achieve a common goal. Whatever the case, the goal of music education is to allow a student to experience success within a musical environment.


When I look back on my formal school years I think about my third grade Music Teacher as the person who inspired me the most. She instilled in me the love of music, inspired me and made me feel that I could do anything I set my mind to. Music has always been something magical and very special to me and I want to share this.


When we are young, we feel that sense of discovery all the time and every opportunity is a learning opportunity as we are introduced to the world through wondrous sensations. We search out those new discoveries and marvel at the beauty of existence. Sadly, as we grow older the beauty begins to fade and the stresses of life start to take over as we lose our ability to look at the world in this “child-like” way. We forget about discovery as we start to search for a career that will support ourselves and our families.


By inspiring and encouraging our students we show them that discovery is a good thing. We give them a valuable tool, the desire of continuing to learn after their formal school years and they start to gain a broader perspective of themselves. Because of this, they continue to shape their beliefs and ideals as human beings. This sense of personal discovery in turn produces feelings of fulfillment. As Music Educators we must work at keeping the music classroom opened while creating a warm and safe environment where students can be encouraged and inspired to always look at every situation with the eyes of a child.


“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

-Friedrick Nietzsche