Mini Reed Lamp-25% OFF

25% OFF: What Color?

This adorable mini reed light fits in your oboe case and/or reed case.


Perfect for reed adjustments while in the practice room, during a rehearsal or right before a performance.


BONUS: black velvet string bag.

LED Reed Lamp-50% off

  • Uses only 4.6 watts of energy, 280 lumens at full brightness, 4000K color temperature (natural white).
  • On / Off / Dim functions.
    • 3 levels of dimming:
  1. Reed making is so much fun! -  full brightness
  2. I need to finish this reed, I'm so close -  dim light to 50% brightness
  3. I'm tired but still making reeds -  dim light to 5% brightness
  • Rotating head, flexible neck and sturdy base
  • 36,000 hours (8 LEDs; no bulbs to replace)
50% OFF: What Color?

Reed Cases

How many Reeds?

Plastic reed cases holds 3 or 6 reeds.