Questions and Answers

Why are my reeds so expensive?

Each reed is custom made when ordered. I only send out reeds that I would personally perform on, which means that I put in a lot of time and care into every reed I make.


So that the cane has time to settle, I make the reeds over several days. The process is: wet the reed, slightly scrape, play test the reed and let it dry completely. Each reed undergoes several play tests to guarantee that the best possible reed is being sent out. Most reeds, even hand-made reeds, are produced in large quantities, which takes away from the individualized time and attention that each reed needs and requires.


I look for responsive and flexible reeds that allow me to play with a natural embouchure (no biting or extra tension), which allows for endurance and freedom in my sound. I look for a healthy resistance that gives me an equal balance between the reed, embouchure and air, creating an equilibrium that allows for music making!


How long does my Reed take to get to me?

Depending on my performance schedule and other reed orders this time might vary. Please contact me directly for a more accurate time line. Please let me know if you are in a reed emergency and I will do my best to help you out, but nothing is guaranteed. By default all reeds are sent First Class Mail via USPS. (Contact me directly for other shipping options)


How long should I soak my Reed for?

I recommend dipping your new reed in water, shaking it off and putting it back in your reed case for a couple minutes.


Why can't I just get one Reed??

Every reed that I send out from NY, is carefully crafted to tested before sending. However, reeds react differently in different locations and this is why I send reeds that are slightly different, but still have all the qualities I look for in a good reed!


Should I submerge my Reed in a glass of water?

I do not recommend this, it leaves the reed prone to damage of being rested on its tip in a glass of water. Also, it can lead to over soaking the reed.


How do I know if I over soaked my Reed?

The opening will be too big, it will be flat, and it will be very gold in color – avoid this! An over-soaked reed is not your friend.


My reed arrived and I need to adjust it, what do I do?

I strongly recommend you contact me. I am more than happy to help guide you on where and how much to take off. I like my reeds to have a healthy resistance and do not send really light reeds, because when I scrape too much cane off the reed might arrive flat!